Reducing poverty and empowering communities through tourism and handicrafts

The Alay destination is a very low-income region, which is why it is trying to generate more revenue with the help of tourism. Tourism in Alay was perceived as mountaineering, trekking and sightseeing. The cultural component was missing. Since many women from the region traditionally weave, the destination decided to involve this as a tourism attraction.
With the establishment of an organisation for community-based tourism, women were involved through workshops and programmes. In the process, an association of women entrepreneurs was strengthened and chose to introduce the integration of handicrafts into tourism as one of the main areas of development.
In addition to the sales of handicraft products, hotels are also involved in the promotion and master classes and demonstrations of handicrafts as well as demonstrations of traditions and games are offered to tourists.

Keywords: creating alternative livelihoods, preserving traditions, empowering women, promoting handicrafts, reducing violence, reducing poverty, creating tourism products. Cultural tourism, Rural tourism. Intangible heritage, Resident engagement and feedback, Supporting local entrepreneurs, Promoting local products and services, Promoting local tourism employment

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