Aspen, Colorado

How To: Aspen, a commitment to sustain the natural beauty that sustains us.

As a reaction to the tragedies that the summer 2017 caused on the local mountains and the ever increasing population in the state, Aspen has launched a campaign to eductae outdoor enthusiasts about how to enjoy their beautiful natural resources. The How To: Aspen Campaign informs visitors how to get to Aspen, how to enjoy Aspen and how to get outside. The initial intent of providing information about outdoor experiences quickly developed into a sharing of overall useful information about the destination. The campaign has received significant recognition and won the WACE Best Idea Program in 2018, the 2021 ESTO Road Less Traveled Award and the 2020 Rocky Mountain Region Regional Forester’s Hono Award.

Keywords: Informing visitors, Marketing campaign, Educational program, Destination management Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Natural resource protection, Community involvement in planning, Sustainability information to visitors

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