Ethological safari of the horse “Garrano”

Due to the climate in the destination seasonality became a big issue with a big crowd concentrated mainly in one area. Furthermore, in recent years only the coastal features have been actively promoted to tourists but not the beautiful nature assets the destination has to offer. To combat this problem and to furthermore emphasise the importance of the wild horses (Garrano) living in Baiona, visits were implemented in which small groups can observe the Garrano in it’s natural habitat. These visits are taking part before the high season to diversify the times of tourists visiting the destination. The feedback for these trips has already been very good. The demand turned out to be higher than the destination expected, enabling them to implement more visits throughout the low season and therefore minimise the issue of seasonality in the destination.

Keywords: Managing visitor pressure, Wildlife protection, Nature & wildlife interactions, Avoiding Overtourism Ecotourism Educational tours, Wildlife protection, Safari, Seasonality

Baiona - SPAIN - Green Destinations Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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