Breckenridge, Colorado

B Like Breckenridge – Embrace the Spirit

Travellers have become more inclined to be more responsible while travelling, however, these intentions are not always represented in the behaviour displayed. To ensure travellers act more responsibly while travelling, the destinations need to keep them properly informed. Breckenridge launched it’s campaign ‘B like Breckenridge’ with that in mind. It aims at informing travellers about community, sustainability and businesses in order to create more awareness and more responsible actions within Breckenridge and everywhere else their travels will lead. This campaign has already reached substantial results with 40% of survey participants being aware of responsible stewardship, while this response was in single digits before the initiative was launched.

Keywords: Raising awareness, responsible tourism, educational program, providing information, informing about sustainability. Developing sustainable tourism. Tourism Action Plan, Sustainability standards, Sustainability information to visitors

Breckenridge - USA - Mountain Ideal Certified/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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