AdaptCascais Fund

AdaptCascais is a fund that the municipality of Cascais used to take action against climate change.
Through the fund, local stakeholders could propose their ideas on climate change adaptation measures. The process is transparent and run by the town hall. In 2021, the eight winning projects were implemented in different areas of sustainability, such as riverbed restoration, reforestation, water conservation and waste reduction.
This project is easily replicable and makes community participation one of its vital points.

Keywords: Land use & planning, Water consumption reduction, Waste separation & recycling, Responding to climate risks, Climate change information Community-based tourism – Technical and financial support for climate actions, Local community engagement, Shared leadership and knowledge for climate adaptation, Transfer of knowledge for resilience of vulnerable communities, Riverbed restoration, Green space design and management, Water conservancy, Waste reduction, Climate adaptation projects

Cascais - PORTUGAL - Quality Coast Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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