City of Trebinje

Nature Park “Orjen” – a protected area in the service of improving the tourist offer and sustainable development

The basic problem was that natural and cultural-historical values in the area of “Orjen” had not been properly identified, valorized and placed under protection. Furthermore limited space for launching initiatives and realization of concrete activities for the purpose of tourist valorization (eco-tourism, active tourism, etc.), as well as establishing mechanisms forprotection of the area and creating preconditions for sustainable development of the “Orjen” area and the local community were lacking. The solution was two activities: 1.The process of establishing a protected area – the proclamation of the “Orjen” Nature Park. and 2. The process of creating tourist contents in the “Orjen” Nature Park. The benefits are that in the “Orjen” Nature Park, 47 speleological objects have been identified and described, 13 of which have the characteristics of caves, as well as 13 hydrogeomorphological objects of the original character. A total of 262 species of fungi were registered, of which 25 species were proposed for protection due to their importance, rarity and endangerment. The list of flora of the investigated area includes 1088 taxa up to subspecies levels. During field research of birds, 87 species were registered, which were classified into 14 orders and 33 families etc. Furthermore 13 hiking trails (over 80 kilometers) have been routed with countless designated and marked lookouts Mountain lodge “Ubla” was reconstructed and put into operation, for the first time accommodation facilities were established (25 beds), in the area of Orjen.

Keywords: Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Tourism Action Plan, Nature conservation, Natural resource protection, Nature & wildlife interactions, Monitoring economic impacts Ecotourism, Developing sustainable tourism, adventure tourism, nature tourism protected areas, management of protected areas, sustainable development of protected areas, nature destinations

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