Club Paradise Palawan

Planting the seeds of change – uplifting the local communities one project at a time

To combat the issue neighbouring communities of the resort have been facing, Club Paradise Palawan implemented multiple projects. These include beach clean-ups against water pollution and waste disposal problems, helping out in schools to promote education, creating income opportunities for local residents and indigenous communities to fight against poverty as well as the supply of medical assistance and supplies for the health and wellness of the communities. These projects have achieved significant outcomes. Neighbouring communities have produced products for the resort, increasing their income, Club Paradise Palawan was awareded with a Certfiicate of Appreciation by one of the schools it has been supporting and has been able to supply communities with medical supplies througout the pandemic.

Keywords: Supporting local communities, Creating income opportunities, Waste clean-ups, Using local products, Providing medical supplies Nature conservation, Littering, Inhabitant satisfaction

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