Dahar Destination

How the regional Destination Management Organisation joins forces with the local community to improve sustainability and environmental performance of the tourism in the Destination Dahar

The Dahar region in Tunisia is lacking a proper infrastructure, one of the issues is the lack of a wastewater management system in the rural region and in addition human and financial resources are missing. One of the solutions the local DMO -Fédération Tourisme Authentique Destination Dahar (FTADD) – is currently working on, is the capacity building project to implement solutions locally. In this project local good practice examples are selected to share and implement their smart and efficient environmental practices with other local service providers. This allows areas like wastewater treatment, waste management, renewable energy, sustainable food production to be covered by local solutions. Furthermore the FTADD is working on informative and practical video-interviews with exemplary guest houses/local initatives to share these examples with other local tourism stakeholders and use during training sessions. The benefit described consists of nearly 40% of the accommodations being trained according to the locally established criteria and the accommodations having gained special knowledge on how to improve their performance with practical measures and easy to implement solutions.

Keywords: Destination Management and Marketing Organisation, Community-driven tourism model, Capacity building, cooperation and training, Local Codes of Conduct for visitors and local service providers, Tailor-made sustainability and quality criteria for accommodation sector, Training for SMEs on sustainability, environmental practices and service quality Community-based tourism, Developing sustainable tourism, Promoting sustainability among enterprises, Sustainability standards, Activity providers code of practice

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