Destination Åsnen

E-biking for better life, experiences and businesses

The Destination Asnen faces the issue that tourist mainly come with there own car and by this increase the carbon dioxide emissions and create disturbance for local residents in the area. Also the empirical value of the destination for the tourists reduces, as the
majority come to the area to experience quiet experiences and silence in unique nature. They started a pilot project to use 45 electric bycicles from the are to reduce car traffic. The e-bikes are distributed in 7 different places/companies in Destination Åsnen. Companies were contacted and invited to participate. Since the project just started this year a final evaluation will be conducted in September to see the outcome, however the stakeholders involved have given positive feedback.

Keywords: Climate-action, Sustainability initiatives, Energy-efficient, Carbon-efficient, Sustainable transport Rural tourism, Developing sustainable tourism Stakeholder involvement, Visitor satisfaction, Tourism impacts on nature, Noise, GHG emissions and climate change mitigation, Reducing transport emissions from travel, Low-impact mobility, Responding to climate risks, Sustainability standards

Åsnen - SWEDEN - Green Destinations Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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