Green Destinations Support Program


Empowering destination practitioners and DMOs through tools and coaching to address your destination’s most pressing challenges in destination management and sustainability

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About our Support Program

Who is this program for?

Destinations, National and Regional DMOs


Depending on the size of the destination

Green Destinations Support are services that enable destinations to measure and assess various aspects of sustainability performance to better inform formulation and implementation of tourism policies and strategies. We also offer the opportunity for destinations to be guided by our network of tourism and sustainability experts.

What does this program include?

Green Destinations Assessments

Scan and assess the conformity of your destination’s policy and management to the GSTC-Accredited GD Standard. 

Destination Benchmarking and Reporting

Understand a variety of risks and opportunities related to sustainable tourism, especially in the field of nature, environment and water supply, allowing destinations to compare performance, facilitate a monitoring program and share their progress to the public.

Climate Action

Effective tools and strategies to measure a destination’s carbon footprint and enhance climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.


A series of live online one-on-one and group sessions on a specific topic, with each session addressing specific elements of the topic. Coaching is done by a GD program manager or licensed representative. Our Coaching Modules are the following:

  • Top 100 Application Support
  • SDGs and Global Sustainability Standards
  • Tourism Sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Monitoring
  • Tourism Impact Assessment (TIA)
  • Preparing for Climate Action
  • Engaging Your Hospitality Sector


Patice Talaue
Patice Talaue

Training and Support Manager

Your first step towards a more sustainable tourism

We gladly present the first universal free SDG-based self-assessment tool. It will help you self-assess your destination’s sustainability performance and find the GD Support Services that best suit your destination’s needs.

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