Recreating Carnival in Diamantina – Going from mass tourism to prioritizing family tourists and valuing the local community and culture.

The main issues were the mass tourism and low budget tourist, as well as changes in carnival. The solution implemented was the shift in management and reinventing the carnival in Diamantina. For example by creating new musical spaces and inserting most of the city’s musicians in the programming, recognized the oldest „caricato“ block in the municipality as a material Cultural Heritage of Diamantina (Banda Fogosa do Sapo Seco) and created the tribute “Guardiões do Carnaval” or strengthened the cooperation network between public security, judiciary, child and adolescent protection institutions, and other initiatives. Among others some of the benefits are the reduction of mass tourism with low budget tourists, less pressure on basic urban services, greater inclusion of the local population in the creation of the “new” carnival and Greater economic relevance on the generation and distribution of income from tourism during Carnival.

Keywords: local socioeconomic development, mobilizing local society, carrying capacity Cultural tourism Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Visitor satisfaction, Managing visitor pressure, Visitor management for destination assets

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