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Farms have a long tradition in Eggental. However, in recent years the lack of collaboration between tourism and the local agriculture lead to the farmers struggling and the traditions getting at risk of dying out. To combat this the destination implemented a project to strengthen the cooperation between farmers and restraurateurs and hoteliers. These are now able to directly communicate with each other and place orders at a set price through simple WhatsApp groups. This has led to 16 farmers and 26 gastronomy businesses partaking in the project, young farmers sticking to their traditions and overall contributed to the sustainable development of Eggental.

Keywords: Sustainable agriculture, Supporting local businesses, Collaboration between stakeholders, effective communication, Protecting tradition. Fair competition and procurement, Stakeholder contributions, Supporting local entrepreneurs, Promoting local products and services

Eggental - ITALY - Green Destinations Certified/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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