Gero-spa Town

Challenges to Sustainable Regional Development through “E-DMO”

The main problem of the destination is that the population of Gero City continues to decline. The strategy is to boost the economy through tourism to keep the community sustainable and improve the quality of life. The objectives are to increase the number of overnight visitors to Gero City and to increase the price of overnight stays and tourism consumption.
The methods used have mainly been the development of the E-DMO concept, which is related to ecotourism. It is about managing the destination by using and conserving resources and promoting ecotourism. Positive results have been detected as tourism consumption has increased and also the awareness of ecotourism between stakeholders.

Keywords: Management structure, Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Visitor monitoring, Visitor satisfaction, Visitor management for destination assets, Visitor behaviour at sensitive sites Ecotourism world natural heritage site, non-legislative rules, protect natural environment, reduce overtourism, public awareness, Management structure, Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Tourism Action Plan Ecotourism E-DMO, Sustainable management of a destination, Tourism plan, declining population

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