Got Ramogi Forest heritage site

Siaya – ‘The cradle of Luo dispersion’

The Got Ramogi Forest is a forest that is home to many species of animals and plants. It is also very important for the culture of the Luo people. There are several shrines in the forest, which are still points of attraction today. Despite its cultural importance, the community is struggling with modernisation and globalisation, and there is a danger that the culture will die out. That is why they try to keep the culture alive. This is done, for example, by organising events to highlight the culture, meeting other tribes and organising traditional competitions. Through these activities, they try to pass on the culture to the current generation and form cultural groups that support each other.

Keywords: Tangible cultural heritage, Intangible heritage, Inhabitant satisfaction, Culture preservation Cultural tourism Preserving culture through events, Involvement of elder, Accepting a changed culture, Preventing cultural losses

Got Ramogi Forest heritage site - Siaya - KENYA - 2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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