From Waste to a Wonderful Space: The Rehabilitation of the Qortin Landfill

The village of Xagħra in Gozo operated as an uncontrolled landfill site from 1968 until 2004. During this period, around 0.6 million tonnes of waste were deposited there, causing significant negative impacts on the environment and affecting the local population. To put an end to these problems, a restoration and rehabilitation of the site was planned to create a safe and pleasant environment that could be enjoyed by the general public. The result has been highly positive, with almost 23,000 native trees and shrubs planted and the terrain returned to its natural state. Now residents and anyone else who wants to can enjoy this space and the views of the bay.

Keywords: Rehabilitation, Transforming a landfill, Creating community spaces, Preventing environmental consequences, Making spaces accessible, Making spaces safe, Land use & planning, Waste separation & recycling, Waste disposal, Accessibility

Gozo - MALTA - Quality Coast Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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