Hiiumaa Island

Carbon neutral and local – new opportunities in tourism and public transport in Estonian green island Hiiumaa

Visitors in Hiiuma island, in Estonia, regularly go around the island using their private car, as it is more convenient to visit key attractions that are quite far apart. However, this means that they don’t get to see and enjoy the beauty of the island. As a result, through effective partnerships and involvement from local entrepreneurs, an electric bicycle network was created as an extension to public transport for visitors and locals to have a lower carbon mobility option and provide a more attractive experience of the island.

Keywords: Carbon neutral, Net-zero, Electric bicycle, Mobility Ecotourism, Slow tourism Stakeholder involvement, Visitor management for destination assets, Tourism impacts on nature, GHG emissions and climate change mitigation, Reducing transport emissions from travel, Low-impact mobility, Public transportation, Community involvement in planning, Supporting local entrepreneurs

Hiiumaa Island - ESTONIA - Green Destinations Award - Silver/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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