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We employ a series of tools to assess, support, and certify the sustainability practices of your travel business.

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Get recognized for your efforts

Good Travel Scan Recognition

Good for : Tourism-related Businesses

Based on only 10 criteria, The Good Travel Scan is a recognition tool to assess the sustainability of companies in the tourism sector that are beginning their journey of improvement to become more sustainable.

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Climate Action Standard Recognition

Good for : Tourism-related businesses

Awareness about the urgency of climate action is growing fast, both inside and outside the tourism and leisure sector. Many DMOs and businesses already prioritise climate action in their sustainability policies, but climate action is also an economic imperative.

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Business Certification

Good for : Businesses

The Good Travel Seal is more than just a certification, it is a sustainability management program for all tourism and travel related businesses and facilities, designed to be feasible and affordable especially for SMEs. 

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Virus Aware Seal

Good for : Tourism-Related Businesses.

The Virus-Aware Seal is a tool for business in the tourism sector that are committed to implementing effective policies and measures against the transmission of viruses.

Virus Aware Seal - Main Image