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About the Climate Action Standard Program

Who is this program for?

Tourism related businesses of all sizes

Certificate Validity

2 years


Fees vary according to the number of employees or size of establishment.

The Climate Action Standard is built around four themes from the Good Travel Seal that are strongly related to climate change:

Energy and Climate

It is key to consider what energy is depending on fossil fuels, and how is reduced and replaced by renewables. There is a special attention to reaching a “Climate neutral” situation (mitigation) and to install measures to increase climate resiliciente (adaptation).

Purchasing, sales, F&B

Energy efficiency is connected to local sourcing of products, vegetarian & vegan food, and reducing meat.


Creating, importing and disposing food and disposables cost energy, it will be important to always consider avoidance of single-use plastics and food waste.


Virtually any kind of air & light pollution is connected to energy use, which should be reduced where possible.




You will be invited to fill out the reporting on our online platform and submit supporting documents. This will indicate to what extent your business implements measures for sustainable and responsible tourism. The reporting consists of 57 general criteria (+ more sector specific criteria) from 12 themes.


If over 70% compliance is reached, an independent auditor will verify your reporting by visiting your business. The audit can be carried out online (via video call) or on-site.


The findings of the audit are used to make a final certification decision. If the result is sufficient, you will be awarded the certification.


The information on the platform will then be assessed by a team of experts, who will evaluate whether the criteria were achieved by your business. You will also receive feedback on how to improve.

Why join this program?

For all business types:

The Climate Action Assessment & Certification is available to all businesses, also beyond leisure & tourism.

Also available for GTS and GTS+ members:

Performance can be assessed for all businesses participating in GTS and GTS+, without an extra audit.

Receive a climate performance chart and a certification:

Participation in the Climate Action Standard provides a Climate Action Performance Chart and a certificate.

First step towards sustainable management:

Can be used as the 1st step of engaging into the Good Travel Seal, the Good Planet Seal or GTS+, because almost all criteria of the Climate Action Standard are included in the Good Travel Seal Standard.


Nicola Ferrario
Nicola Ferrario

Good Travel Program Coordinator

If you are interested in learning more about this program, do not hesitate to contact us.