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About the Good Travel Seal

Who is this program for?

Tourism-related businesses

Certificate Validity

2 years


Fees vary according to the number of employees or size of establishment

The Good Travel Seal offers two certification programs according to the stage of sustainability a company is at, Good Travel Seal and Good Travel Seal +, both assessed with 12 themes in the areas of environmental management, social responsibility and health and safety, as well as a variety of additional industry-specific criteria.

The criteria themes

Purchasing, Sales, F&B


Prevention of Pollution & Nuisance

Social Well-Being & Local Employment

Energy & Climate

Nature, Scenery & Green Zones

Prevention of explotation


Cultural Heritage

Health & Safety



For the Good Travel Seal, companies are assessed on 57 general criteria covering 67% of the GSTC Industry Criteria. All certified businesses receive our GTS Seal, Certificate, and Performance Scorecard.

The Good Travel Seal + offers companies the option to take a further step in their  sustainability journey by adding 14 additional criteria and achieving certification based on the full set of GSTC Industry Criteria. This is a great and affordable opportunity both for companies that already have enough experience in sustainability and for those that have started with the GTS Standard and are ready to move forward.

The Good Travel Seal operates worldwide thanks to our unique online platform. We cooperate with local representatives and partner organisations to support the introduction of the certification program in a new destination or country. This enables us to offer the certification in the local language.



You will be invited to fill out the reporting on our online platform and submit supporting documents. This will indicate to what extent your business implements measures for sustainable and responsible tourism. The reporting consists of 57 general criteria (+ more sector specific criteria) from 12 themes.


The information on the platform will then be assessed by a team of experts, who will evaluate your performance against each criterion. You will also receive feedback on how to improve your performance.


If you achieve a compliance of more than 70%, an independent auditor will verify your reporting by visiting your business. The audit can be carried out online (via video call) or on-site.


The findings of the audit are used to make a final certification decision. If the result is sufficient, you will be awarded with the certification.

What value does this program provide?

Better management and Financial Advantage


By applying the GTS standard your business will save on energy and water consumption, as well as waste disposal costs. On top of that, the Good Travel Seal certification also offers you the best-price guarantee.

Happier Guests = Higher Ratings


Certified businesses receive better reviews and ratings. Happier guests and higher ratings will bring you more visitors. This proves that certification boosts both the management and the quality of services.



Show What You Do


Another benefit of the Good Travel Seal is our full transparency. You will be able to show your customers in which areas you do well. A label alone is not enough, but showing your overall performance is a great strategy!


Environment Efficiency


Certified businesses use 19% less water, produce 24% less waste and 10% less CO2 than non-certified businesses. This is good not only for the environment, but also for the company’s profits.


Promotion & Visibility


Traditional certification programs are not promoting your business. With the Good Travel Seal, your business will be featured in the Good Travel Guide, Sustainable First,, Tourism 2030 and, depending on your score, also on and Google, providing travellers with easy ways to explore destinations.

Nicola Ferrario
Nicola Ferrario

Good Travel Program Coordinator

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