Casas de Memória Camarolli e Alberton

The construction of operation of hydroelectric altered the history of the town Itá including the drastic transformation of the landscape, the loss of affective memory locations, the total demolition of the residences and remaining buildings of the former settlers, and more. Therefore, the Noah’s Ark Program was developed to identify the historical-cultural and symbolic value of remarkable buildings. The Casa Alberton and Camarolli are ones of those remarkable buildings. They were dismantled and renovated to present the cultural references of Itá to tourists, promote community integration, and value the trajectory of their ancestors.

Keywords: Safeguard and preservation of cultural artefacts Memory Houses for the preservation of local memory Relocation and reallocation of traditional buildings for tourist purposes Preservation project of the historical-cultural and landscape heritage, Private-public cooperation for cultural projects Cultural tourism, Community-based tourism Protecting cultural artefacts, Intangible heritage, Indigenous intellectual property, Resettlement

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