Through the flowers to the heart of the community and becoming a popular tourist attraction

Kirna Manor Park is an area of land upheaval and well known for its healing properties that has stood empty for years before being bought back to be transformed into one of the most beautiful natural treasures of central Estonia. In 2019, after a tragic accident that destroyed a nearby greenhouse, 200.000 ‘homeless’ tulips were transported and planted in the manor. As a result, a sea of flowers bloomed in the spring of 2020, bringing a breath of fresh air to the local communities in lockdown. Since then, the manor has become a major attraction, benefiting local communities by extending the tourism season that now starts from May instead of mid-June.

Keywords: Tangible cultural heritage, Protecting cultural artefacts regeneration

Järvamaa - ESTONIA - Green Destinations Award - Silver/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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