Campers welcome in destination Jeruzalem Slovenia.

Jeruzalem is a very attractive destination for camper van travellers that want to travel freely and enjoy the local, natural, cultural and historical sights the destination has to offer. However, the increase in camper vans in the destination resulted in increased wildparking in which camper vans are being parked on private property or in vineyards and damaging them. To combat this problem the destination observed the situation and then managed to secure public tender investments to set up more camper spots. The campaign was very successful and the destination managed to identify eight camper spots, which are designed to be free with visitors only having to pay for wastewater disposal and electricity, inclining camper van travellers to use the available infrastructure instead of wildparking.

Keywords: Tourist activities, Preservation of local environment, Waste reduction, Destination planning Slow Tourism Tourism Action Plan, Visitor behaviour at sensitive sites, Tourism impacts on nature, Littering, Inhabitant satisfaction

Jeruzalem - SLOVENIA - 2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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