Nasushiobara City

Toward the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism –Enactment of the Kinomata Park Ordinance

The increased number of tourist created problems for a attractive tourist spot: the Kinomata Park. To combat these problems, such as traffic congestion due to a lack of parking and environmnetal degradation due to poor user etiquette, the local organisation Itamuro Hot Springs Revitilization Committe has decided to enact and ordinance to create specified rules for the use of the land. The framework of the ordinance will clarify prohibited and restricted activities to ensure these problems do not continue in the future.

Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Visitor behaviour at sensitive sites, Tourism impacts on nature, Natural resource protection Developing sustainable tourism host community – climate-action – natural environment – tourist activities – Environment preservation – Governmental actions – Local participation

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