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Nitra is one of the oldest towns in Slovakia, combining ancient history with nature. The new industrial reality created the need to find a modern identity, combining respect for the past and tradition with the modern industrial city. A return to the roots through the support of traditional crafts, demonstrations of handcrafts, promotion of honey making and honey products, sensitive access to natural resources, discovering new possibilities for cultural leisure in public spaces and their transformation and the education for sustainability, are the main ideas of the story. All this has been achieved through proper cooperation and open dialogue between inhabitants, experts and public authorities.

Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, Intangible heritage, Respecting authenticity, Community involvement in planning, Stakeholder contributions Cultural tourism community involvement, rebuilding place identity, respecting traditions, respecting local culture, reviving local culture, revitalization

Nitra - SLOVAKIA - 2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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