North East and Yilan Coast NSA

The Capacity Management Conducted to Guishan Island.

In Guishan Island, North East and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area the main objective is to balance tourism with ecological conservation. This island is heavily impacted by tourism. Boats and water recreation activities sharing the same water with fishermen who initially fished around Guishan Island interfere with each other and cause conflicts. Tourism activities exert pressure on the natural environment, including sewage discharge, artificial disposal of rubbish, noise, trampling of land/trails and increased risk of invasive species. To avoid and minimise these impacts on Guishan Island, NEYC carries out capacity monitoring. An online system for applying to visit the island has been set up, zone management has been implemented as only the piers on the south and north shore of the island can be used for tourism, and a code of conduct has also been established to maintain the island’s ecosystem.
The results have been very positive as it has been possible to protect the ecological resources of Guishan Island while maintaining high quality tourism services as well as detecting the increase of animal species.

Keywords: Nature protection, Adapt day tourism to the environment, Island protection, Sustainable toutism activities, Tourist satisfaction, Tour site monitoring, Ecotourism, Visitor monitoring, Managing visitor pressure, Review and Evaluation, Nature conservation, Tourism impacts on nature

North East and Yilan Coast NSA - TAIWAN - Green Destinations Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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