Pafos Region

Off the bitten path

Pafos region is a mature destination that attracted many visitors due to its favourable weather conditions, nature and cultural activities. However, the destination faced some difficulties with high seasonality, limited range of services and the low spending power in rural areas. The destination implemented new cycling and walking routes in rural areas in order to improve seasonality and enhance sustainability. Stakeholders and local communities were involved in the development of the new products and they were given a training session where they managed to understand the main purpose of this operation. Local businesses managed to increase their revenue, productivity and visibility because visitors to the destination increased by approximately 10% due to the new attractive offer. Accessible information system for visitors was implemented and a promotional plan for the new cycling routes and walking trails was established through promotional channels and mobile applications.

Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, Visitor satisfaction, Fair competition and procurement, Landscape & Scenery, Reducing transport emissions from travel, Supporting local entrepreneurs Ecotourism, Domestic tourism, Rural tourism Rural tourism New cycling and walking routes, accessibility to rural areas, involvement of all stakeholders

Pafos Region - CYPRUS - Quality Coast Award - Silver/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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