Parque Nacional Bahuaja Sonene

Bahuaja Sonene and Kotsimba, the road to understanding for the conservation of headwater watersheds

The main issue were illegal logging and mining which caused danger to the environment and a lack of communication. The solution was a Surveillance and Control strategy in the Pamahuaca sector and continue dialogue with the Kotsimba NC. The surveillance and control strategy consisted of acquiring assets, building a permanent infrastructure, and increasing routine and special patrols. Finally, with the progress of negotiations with Kotsimba NPP, the construction and implementation of the Pamahuaca PVC, located at the mouth of the Pamahuaca River, was achieved. The benefits are that they achieved mutual trust, strengthened institutional presence in the area, and the total elimination of illegal logging within the Bahuaja Sonene National Park, as well as maintaining 98.57% of the ecosystems of the PNBS in a good state of conservation.

Keywords: Dialogue with indigenous local communities, Challenging relationships with local communities, Collaboration for conservation, Reducing illegal activities, mining, Logging Developing sustainable tourism Stakeholder involvement, Transparency and enforcement, Nature conservation, Natural resource protection, Indigenous intellectual property, Property and user rights to resources, Traditional access rights, Community involvement in planning. indigenous people, community, illegal activities, dialogue, surveillance and control strategy. Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Tourism Action Plan, Nature conservation, Community involvement in planning, Risk and crisis management

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