Reserva Nacional de Paracas

Resilience, a new opportunity for tourism in Paracas

Before the pandemic there was, unfortunately, a disorderly tourism, generated agglomeration, disorder and, a large generation of solid waste on the beach itself. Also tourists drove their vehicles onto the beach, and because there was no good control over the entry of tourists, it affected not only the landscape, but also displaced the fauna in the area and generated a large amount of solid waste. The solution was to start a process of recovery and regulation, in order to exercise better control of tourists, reduce the impact on the landscape and reduce the generation of solid waste. E.g. restriction of camping on the beach, more and better control over single-used plastic, awareness-raising activities etc. The benefits are among others, that all the efforts that have been made since the reopening were rewarded with the SAFE TRAVELS international seal, granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council as a result of the implementation of biosafety protocols, whose objective is to ensure that the destinations are recognized as biosafe and of high quality, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore the most notorious results are:
– Less solid waste on beaches.
– More and better control of tourists, taking into account the increase of tourists compared to previous years (278,997 in 2021, 240,590 in summer 2022).
– Less impact on the landscape and fauna.
– Greater commitment from more stakeholders involved in tourism activities.

Keywords: Nature preservation, wildlife protection, carrying capacity, tourism recovery, tourism regulation, tourist awareness, preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. Ecotourism, Developing sustainable tourism. Management structure, Destination Management Policy or Strategy, Visitor monitoring, Managing visitor pressure, Visitor behaviour at sensitive sites, Nature conservation, Tourism impacts on nature, Landscape & Scenery, Wildlife protection, Solid waste reduction, Sustainability information to visitors

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