Rogaška Slatina

Park & Ride overhead walkway "Sun" which shone in Rogaska Slatina.

After urban development changes and the emergence of new tourist offers, these can only be reached with difficulty from the centre of the region. In order to better integrate the tourist attraction, the destination pursues the goal of introducing and promoting sustainable mobility. This includes the expansion of public transport and the introduction of a park and ride system with rentable bicycles. Since the local population and relevant stakeholders were involved in this project, funding could be obtained.
Positive results of the project on an economic level are the better networking of the attractions and an increased perception. From an ecological point of view, CO2 can be saved through sustainable mobility and its promotion (e.g. bicycles). From a social point of view, the project enables safe and fast connecting routes for the population.

Keywords: Green transportation, Connecting the destination, Sustainable development, Improving traffic, Public transport infrastructure, Accessible infrastructure. Noise, GHG emissions and climate change mitigation, Reducing transport emissions from travel, Low-impact mobility, Public transportation

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