Sagay City

Mangrove Forest Protection through Community-based Eco Tourism Project

The local community did not treasure its beautiful mangrove forest and its wildlife, which is why the destination decided to introduce ecotourism. Through social media marketing campaigns the community first realised how important the environment is, that they should be proud of their island and how important it is to protect these assets. This made the awareness in biodiversity increase drastically. The local community then also got directly included in the scientific counting if the species in the mangrove forest and was able to report on a high increase in flying foxes in the area this year. The beauty of the destination further got displayed in an international movie being filmed there and the accomplishments of the good practice acknowledged through several recognitions.

Keywords: Mangrove Forest Protection, Tourism Sustainable Development, Nature Conservation, Community Involvement, Eco-tourism, Wildlife Conservation, Small Island, Educating Local Community, Biodiversity Ecotourism, Community-based tourism Tourism Action Plan, Nature conservation, Natural resource protection, Landscape & Scenery

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