Sapphaya community-based tourism: From an abandoned old town to a green market

From a faded local culture and community, The Sapphaya Old Police Station Market Community established The Sapphaya Old Market Revival Club to not only preserve their local arts and cultural heritage but also develop community-based tourism to generate three main pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental contribution.

Sapphaya was a strong community with historical landmark but when the government
constructed the Chao Phraya Dam, as a result the Asia Road was built to cut through Sapphaya District. This caused physical changes in society, the changes on ways of living and local resources were deteriorated. This is why Sapphaya municipality joined forces to set up a community-based tourism and develop tourists attractions. Community based event of green marked was created as an initiative to strength local community participation and promote environ mental friendly practices to the residents and the tourists. The achievements have been remarkable and Sapphaya community life’s improved as well as their satisfaction. Also the number of tourists increased bringing important positive economic impacts.

Keywords: Cultural and heritage preservation, heritage tourism, local community development Cultural tourism, Community-based tourism, Developing sustainable tourism Trained coordinator/ team, Stakeholder involvement, Tangible cultural heritage, Protecting cultural artefacts, Intangible heritage, Community involvement in planning, Stakeholder contributions, Supporting local entrepreneurs, Promoting local products and services, Promoting local tourism employment, Promoting sustainability among enterprises, Community-based tourism

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