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Coexisting with Nature in Haomeili: Taking Sustainable Action – Beach Nourishment and Ecological Restoration

Man-made embankments were built in Haomeiliao Nature Reserve to protect the coastline. However, these structures have led to ecological imbalances and changes in sand flow patterns. With climate change, coastal erosion and loss of sandbars has been accelerating and the horseshoe crab disappeared in 2008. But local communities have been able to restore the natural environment and ecology as well as protect the safety of residents. Sand collection and cultivation of trees and plants now replace embankments and tetrapods. The main debris found on the beaches are oyster farming racks, which are now used for beach nourishment and sand fixation. Other debris are used to create art for educational purposes. As a result, the once eroded coastline has extended, the horseshoe crab has returned after 14 years and, in 2021, 33.929 tonnes of debris were removed from beaches and sandbars.

Keywords: Nature conservation, Natural resource protection, Landscape & Scenery, Wildlife protection ecological restoration, beach nourishment, nature reserve

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