Sun Moon Lake NSA

Say goodbye to single-use plastics

Single-us plastics are a serious threat to the environment worldwide. With tea being a big attraction in the destination, which is commonly distributed in single-use cups, the destination decided to tackle this problem in an innovative approach. To encourage the use of reusable cups, cup rental stations were set up with the possibility to check availability and track the footprint of the cup on the phone through an app. Free Drinking Water stations were also set up to reduce plastic water bottles additionally to awarness campaign to raise general awarness of waste reduction.

Keywords: Reducing single-use plastics, Stakeholder training, Raising awareness, Promoting sustainability, Avoiding littering Solid waste reduction, Littering, Promoting sustainability among enterprises, Sustainability standards

Sun Moon Lake NSA - TAIWAN - Green Destinations Award - Silver/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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