Thompson Okanagan

Thompson Okanagan Wineries Leading the Way

Thompson Okanagan (TOTA), Canada, has been a leader in sustainable tourism and climate awareness, but without the private sector on board, it is impossible to become a sustainable destination. The destination has used it sustainability certification process as a tool to and was able to provide baseline assessments of water, energy and waste usage for local businesses. These baseline assessments are essential to measure progress in the future. They encourage more responsible management locally as well by promoting industry leaders’ practices in sustainable management, specifically with the example of the wine industry presented in their Good Practice Story.

Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, Sustainability Indicators & Monitoring, Accessibility, Sustainability standards Developing sustainable tourism certification, stakeholder engagement, sustainable development goals, sustainable development, reducing footprint, connecting stakeholders

Thompson Okanagan - CANADA - 2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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