Tibau do Sul

Primar Organic Aquaculture Farm – Producing, Preserving and Researching

Founded in 1993, PRIMAR is the first certified organic aquaculture farm in Brazil. At its foundation, the farm used traditional methods of shrimp production using preservatives and chemicals. Being aware that this practice was polluting the environment, they decided to opt for an organic production. This is how they obtained the certification in 2003. Later on, PRIMAR decided to cultivate a new aquatic species, the native oyster Crassostrea gasar, for which they had to design a sustainable way of reproduction. PRIMAR’s production process attracts many academic visits and also has its doors open for visits related to ecotourism, gastronomic tourism, experience tourism and knowledge tourism that help PRIMAR to continue with its sustainable aquaculture project.

Keywords: Nature conservation, Natural resource protection, Publication of certified enterprises Ecotourism, Culinary tourism organic aquaculture; environment preservation; cultivation with small impact; organic production; marine biology; water quality; research; seafood; carrying capacity of the environment; endangered animal species

Tibau do Sul - BRAZIL - Green Destinations Award - Silver/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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