Torroella de Montrgrí-L’Estartit

The Natural Park at school. Approaching the Natural Park to children and the entire educational community.

In 2010, the Medes Islands, the Montgrí Massif and its surrounding areas, and the marshes of Baix Ter Plain were declared a nature park. Most of the region was already familiar with nature conservation, which made it easy to adapt tourism. In order to bring nature conservation closer to all regions, the municipalities decided to include the nature park in the lessons of local school classes. Under the programme “The Park at School”, the classes go on excursions and do projects about the mountainous part, the swamp and the sea that are part of the park. One challenge during the project was the Covid-19 pandemic. In total, about 3000 students participate in this project and learn to understand and about ways to improve natural conservation.

Keywords: Environmental education, Raising awareness, Nature conservation, National Park, sustainable development Ecotourism Nature conservation, Landscape & Scenery, Education

Torroella de Montrgrí-L'Estartit - SPAIN - Green Destinations/Quality Coast Award - Gold/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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