Vail, Colorado

Mobility Solutions in Mountain Communities

Vail is a year round destination for recreation, nature immersion and cultural activities in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. But the second leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in Vail is transportation (a combination of visitors traveling to Vail, employees driving to work in Vail, municipal and Vail Mountain operations, and purveyor trucks delivering goods to businesses). Town of Vail developed several programs: (1) electrification (Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Plan, EV infrastructure and electric buses), (2) micro mobility through various community programs and (3) regional transportation creating a hub outside of the village for deliveries.

Keywords: Transport, Transportation, Electric vehicle, Electric buses, Electric bikes, Regional public transportation, Bike share program, Micro mobility mobility solutions, Educating residents, Educating visitors, Sustainable infrastructure, Micro-mobility, Climate action GHG emissions and climate change mitigation, Reducing transport emissions from travel, Low-impact mobility, Public transportation

Vail - USA - Mountain Ideal Certified/2022 Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories

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