Sharing our winemaking heritage through a sustainable tourist experience.

Wine has been grown in the Vipava Valley destination since the Middle Ages. To preserve this tradition and to attract tourists to the old wine village of Goče, the destination decided to offer wine tourism. Through small groups, the destination enables a sustainable implementation of the new offer. This is also intended to counteract the problem of demographic change, which is leading to an ageing population (and a decline in the number of winegrowers). By involving young vintners, the project Winemaker for a day was developed to promote the profession.
This also brings tourists closer to the product, as they have the opportunity to make their own wine, for example.
Positive results of the project are the growing number of tourists, the increase in sales of local wine, the counteracting of demographic change and the attention to sustainable development.

Keywords: Local community, Sustainable tourist experience, Sustainable wine tourism, Rural development Wine tourism Stakeholder involvement, Visitor monitoring, Intangible heritage, Stakeholder contributions

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