Royal Djurgården

Royal Djurgården – connecting Swedish cultural heritage with modern sustainable thinking.

Royal Djurgården is Scandinavia’s number 1 attraction, attracting millions of visitors a year to discover the importance of the island’s cultural and historical values. Key tourism stakeholders, including Royal Djurgården’s 60 attractions, agreed to work together to create a sustainability team to meet the challenges of the future in a responsible and socially conscious way. With this project, Royal Djurgården has been able to identify the main impacts generated by tourism, raise awareness, and has been able to set long-term sustainable goals. Royal Djurgården now has a united and strong tourism sector committed to a sustainable future.

Keywords: Stakeholder involvement, Accessibility, Community involvement in planning, Promoting sustainability among enterprises, Sustainability information to visitors Developing sustainable tourism, Cooperation with external organisations, Sustainable Destination Goals Short and long-term goals, Presentation of the project to students, Structured cooperation, Raise Awareness and Action, Sustainable food culture, World exhibition on sustainability, Open, accessible, and welcoming

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